SRB2 Account System

Download the Account System here.

The lua mod that enables users to login/register an account to allow data synchronization to the server. When players log out their rings, scores and lives reset back to zero and starting from scratch.

To read the list of commands just type in chat “!help” and you’ll receive a list of commands in console.

Fair warning: Entering “sayto 0 !login” or “sayto 0 !resetdata” in console will cause the player to die on the clientside. The server still sees you as “Alive”, it’s for resyncing your game. Also do not use this on a singleplayer game you will actually lose that life as it’s meant for dedicated servers only.

This mod uses Bastardized SHA-1 and HMAC-SHA1 Routines in Pure Lua
for hashing the password.

Recommendation for those who do use the mod for saving and loading your data is to use a different password and never use the same password that you use on any website.

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Approved! Should be available on the boards shortly!