An informational post - Just explaining the staff's side of things

So in our routine enforcement of the acceptable use document, we used to have one individual whitelisted on Vanguard named LioConvoy - until some troubling news came to light. 2 people who are on the staff team came forward and reported toxicity to a level that would be a violation of acceptable use. Weeks before, a user on a different platform who will be redacted for reasons that shall become clear shortly - denounced his ties with LioConvoy.

Lio is the kind of person who brings a mob to a 2 person fight. He will make this grandiose call to settle a dispute with 2 people.

He uses other people’s mental health as a strong-arm to attack-dog them and bring them down.

Lio got enforced, he’s staying banned.

-Pups (Operator)

Also reviewing evidence provided once more- Lio will use a situation and try to hide anyone else’s actions that did good to take the credit by either mass-flagging or abusing systems. Isn’t happening here.